Privacy Policy

Greetings, Guardians of Secrets, welcomes you to a realm where your privacy is our highest treasure. Dive into our Privacy Policy, a parchment of protection, and learn how we weave magic into safeguarding your online experience.

1. We Don’t Collect – We Respect

In our enchanted realm, we honor your anonymity. No spells or sorcery can compel us to collect your personal information. Your journey here is veiled in secrecy.

2. Cookies: The Breadcrumbs of Enchantment

We employ cookies and mystical charms to enhance your sojourn. These enchantments serve only to refine your experience, leaving no traces of your passage. Adjust these enchantments at will through your browser settings.

3. Third-Party Portals

Our mystical lands may bear gateways to other realms. Beware, for we do not hold sway over these alternate dimensions. Venture wisely and peruse their own conjured scrolls of privacy.

4. The Strongest of Enchantments

Though we may not possess citadels, our digital wards are unbreakable spells. Trust in our incantations to ward off unwelcome digital phantasms.

5. Ever-Shifting Realms

As the stars align, our enchantments may evolve. Keep watch on our mystical scrolls for updates. New constellations may prompt changes, and we shall signal them forthwith on our sacred portal.

6. Communicate by Owl Post

Seek to unravel the secrets of this enchanted script? Wish to share your incantations? Send your owl post to: Enchanted Keep:

Owl Post:

As you traverse the mystical realms of, rest assured that your secrets remain yours alone. We stand as guardians of your digital mysteries.